The Hotel

Over time, history is made

Built in the 15th century, the Clos Normand is a place steeped in history, which built on an old Roman road, will have seen illustrious characters pass over the centuries. Located on the grounds of the vanished castle of the village, it was just before 1900 that this former post house was transformed into an inn, acquiring its notoriety and thus enriching itself with the history of its travelers.
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Travelers from far-off lands or close neighborhood

Outbuildings of the farmhouse of the former castle of Martin-Eglise, then post house that became an inn at the beginning of the 20th century, the Clos Normand has been welcoming travelers from all walks of life for nearly 125 years. City-dwellers from Paris or Lille, also eager for the charm of the Normandy coast and often participants in major events in the social and sporting life of Dieppe, will make Clos Normand a holiday resort.

An ode to nature

A stone's throw from the national forest of Arques and on the banks of the Eaulne, the river of the valley, is the Clos Normand park. If in the past the famous Norman apple trees shaded the garden, it is now under the hundred-year-old chestnut trees that travelers can recharge their batteries.

A warm interior

It is with the spirit of a family home, bright rooms, and an interior of timeless charm that the 12 accommodations and spaces of the hotel will be redecorated in 2022. And this is how an astonishing journey through time will take place for our travelers with the hope that the good humor and warm welcome that made the reputation of Clos Normand in the last century can continue for decades to come.

Our services

Offered Wi-Fi

A connected estate

Free parking

Several parking spaces are available inside the property.

Small and kind pets welcome

Our little animal friends, as well behaved as their masters, are welcome.